Menthosa combines the best of technology and innovation to create user-friendly drone and rover-based solutions for efficient working and optimized productivity.

We currently offer 3D print and Design services, Autonomous drone Solutions and Autonomous rover-based solutions.

3D Printing Services

Cost Effective 3D Design and Printing for individuals and institutions.

Internet Controlled Drones 

Realtime drone communication over 4G/5G and centralized Monitoring system 

Drone Swarming

Swarm Intelligence and customized drone software both internet controlled and standalone. 

Autonomous Robots 

Mapping and Reconnaissance ground based solution for mines mapping anti drone applications.

Centralized Sensor Control System

Internet enabled centralized sensor control system for easy control and monitoring from anywhere anytime.  

Drone Data Analytics

Enabling drone with smart features like object detection, violation detection and much more.

Website Development

Fully Customise/Responsive Websites with cloud backed services for your company or personal portfolio

Healthcare Solutions

Multiple Object Identification and Tracking

AI based multiple object identification and tracking. 

Activity Detection 

AI based activity recognition.

IMC2022 || Launch of Aklavya an autonomous 5G rover by Hon. Prime Minister.

IMC2022 || Aklavya at Voice Consortium. 

Services-Autonomous Vehicles:

Internet Control Drones

Autonomous Aerial Solutions

Indoor and Outdoor Mapping

Custom Software Solutions

Mines and Tunnel Mapping Solution

3D Mapping and Warehouse Automation


Telehealth Ecosystem with Point of Care Diagnostics

Tele consultation to the remote virtual clinic centres (Health Kiosk)

Software backup and cloud data services for Telehealth  clinics

Deployment of Drones for Healthcare

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